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Buying high-end audio equipment online can be a daunting experience. That is why we work tirelessly to earn and keep the trust of our customers and delight them with every transaction. We’ve achieved this goal with over 20,000 customers and counting. Your feedback is always welcome!

The Music Room is Audiogon's largest and highest rated dealer of pre-owned audio.
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"The crew at TMR are my heroes. They’re honest to a fault, have always gotten us the best pricing, offered a high level of professionalism and made sure PS Audio customers were respected. I would not hesitate to recommend TMR as a great dealer and perfect to handle consignments."

- Paul McGowan

"I have bought 6 items from TMR, and until recently never had an issue. As a matter of fact, I have never dealt with a more passionate, honest and helpful audio establishment in my 40yrs in this hobby! On my last purchase of a McIntosh C2200 preamp, I had a ground loop issue. I contacted Karl and Lauren about the issue, and within minutes Peter contacted me and apologized about my problems and offered advise on how to track down the cause. The next day, without me even contacting him, Peter emailed to see if I had made any progress. How often does that happen? Especially on a used component! Anyway, we eventually found the cause, and the Mac is singing like new. I cannot recommend enough what a great place TMR is to buy used audio components. Their prices are not the “steal” of the century, but what you buy is of the best quality on the market at a fair price, bar none! If they say it’s a 7/10, it is a 10/10 on anything on Agon or Amart. Their ratings are VERY conservative. KUDOS to the entire staff at TMR. I will be back!"

- Greg Walsh

"Dear Music Room
I'm writing to thank you and express how pleased I am with my purchase of a Paradigm center audio speaker.  The item was shipped quickly and it was packed so well I think it would have survived being dropped from the top of the Empire State building!  I hope to do business with you in the future. Thanks again"

- Rob Daigle

"My unit arrived yesterday and today I have it up and running. For the bucks, nothing like a "Marantz"....and it sounds....NICEEEE!!!! My "fears" of Fed Ex destroying this unit in transit...are no blown away by the great job you guys have done on this unit in packaging it. Excellent job!!!!! I had ordered one out of Calif, but it was destroyed and I mean, it was wrecked and that guy packed it good, I thought. Not quite like you folks though. You folks really do a great job and I really thank you!!!

- Cordially, your customer, WALT from Marantzachussetts.

"For starters let it be known that this was my first purchase from Actually it’s my first purchase of any pre-owned equipment and I could not be happier. The item was exactly as described and arrived timely and in great condition. The support I received prior to, during and after the sale was beyond outstanding, Throughout the process I could depend on substantial and timely communication with Tmraudio. Following the transaction the communication did not end but extended with help from Tmraudio setting it up and answering any and all questions I had. Kudos go to their professionalism and wonderful attitudes toward their customers. I can see why their ratings are thru the roof and hope I can help sending it into orbit.

I would definitely do business with this vendor again and would not hesitate to believe in what they say about the items in their inventory."

- Gunther G.

"I generally don't take the time to do this sort of thing, but I just completed my first transaction with The Music Room and was so pleased with the experience and impressed with them that I felt I really should take a quick second to remark. I came across The Music Room while searching for gear to purchase, never intending to sell gear to them. However, I did have 3 items I was planning on selling, so I sent the information to see what they might offer. To my surprise, I received a prompt email back (I think these guys work ALL the time) with VERY fair offers on all the components and a thorough explanation on the process by which they purchase equipment. Not only was the offered purchase price extremely fair, but shipping was prepaid too. The rest of the transaction went exactly as committed to by The Music Room without any hiccups or delays. Emails were answered promptly and politely. The Music Room are true professionals and an absolute pleasure to work with. I am looking forward to future transactions with them and would not hesitate recommending them to others."

- Scott, Portland, OR

"Received the Yamaha CD-S300 CD player I ordered from you and wanted to tell you how satisfied I am with your service. The CD player was better than described cosmetically; pristine in fact, and has been playing thus far as I expected (I own another of this same model). Your packaging of the player was first rate and delivery was prompt. Thanks ever so much for a wonderful first experience with your company."

- Gary N.

"Dear Music Room, I received the DP-78 today. You certainly do an expert job of packing and protecting the component from shipping damage. I am impressed!! The player was as described in pristine condition. Again, I am impressed after having a few bad experiences on Audiogon. While it is literally a brand new player with no running-in, it already exceeds my Esoteric X-03 in "musicality". It is a truly wonderful CD player. I want to thank The Music Room staff for making this component available to public at such a reasonable price along with providing fast shipping and outstanding packing."

- Gary Friedman

"Vintage speakers were almost new. Condition rating was accurate. Price was fair and reusable packing was better than factory. From my experience, tmraudio is the best source for used equipment out there; you can't beat the money back guaranty. Many thanks."

- Richard V 

"If you have high end audio gear you want to sell I suggest you contact The Music Room first. They cater to audio enthusiasts, know and appreciate the gear you are trying to sell, treat you with respect and make the logistics of shipping painless. Anyone who has tried to sell high audio gear they owned for years or decades knows how emotional and frustrating this can be, but with TMR you have a trusted resource that will treat you right. All I had to do is pack my gear and call FedEx for pick up. I was able to pack and return ship all the boxes within 24 hours of receipt. They could not have made this any easier."

- Tom, USAF Retired, Swansea, IL

"I received the Infinity speakers & the stands today, just wanted to say Thank You very much for the quick shipping and the First rate packaging , Could not believe how well the items were packaged! The speakers look fantastic, just as they were described. I would highly recommend this establishment to anyone!"

- Mike Hand 

"I received the speakers Monday. They are almost new in appearance and sound wonderful (amazing something so old can sound so good). TMR sold a great product at a great price with great service. All anyone could ask or hope for. Thanks very much!" 

- F. Manhek; NH

"I received the amp I ordered from you last night. I wanted to commend you on your fast service and shipping. Your packaging was exceptional as it should be for this type of equipment. Lots of people do a crappy job of packing sensitive electronics and this was not the case with you. It's hooked up to my old Luxman receiver and BA's and sounds great. I really appreciate it and will recommend your site to all my friends far and near."

- Frank Iaquinta

"I did business with The Music Room via the internet. Not only did I have no issues at all, but they went above and beyond to make sure I was a satisfied customer. They resolved a damage issue that was not clearly the fault of the Music Room. They simply wanted me to be a satisfied customer. I was very impressed, and I recommend them wholeheartedly."

- Marc J. Victor

"Amazing seller.!!! A++++ Highly recommend!!!! I made an offer and he responded within 30 minutes and accepted the deal. Great communication from that point on. He boxed and shipped the item the same day and I received it 2 days later. The packaging was great for an amp and the unit was just ad described, works flawlessly. I had sold gear to TMR before and that was a great transaction too: so easy to deal with and they do everything they say and more. It's no wonder they have thousands of positive feedback and not a blemish on their record. As a side note, the unit I bought did not have original packaging, and the injection mold made by TMR and the packaging TMR created equals or betters manufacturer's packaging. No need to worry about that as I now have a great box and injection mold if I ever need to ship the piece anywhere. Thank you again TMR for a great transaction!!!!"

- Larry K

 "I just received the Tannoy Eyris DC3 speakers I bought for my girlfriend (Lisa Baugh). I'm THRILLED with the purchase. Your ad meticulously pictured every flaw, but in person they look so much better - beautiful, and they sound absolutely amazing! My biggest issue in buying used gear is worrying that the seller didn't or can't honestly evaluate & test for proper operational condition; you guys nailed it here - as claimed, these are 100% operationally perfect. And as expected, the dented supertweeter dome does not affect performance is any perceivable way. We're going to get a LOT of enjoyment and great music out of these; I always felt the Eyris DC3 was an underrated jewel.

I might keep an eye out for another pair of DC3, and I'll be periodically checking your new arrivals. Thanks again!"

- Mike U

 "I recently purchased a pair of used (slightly from their appearance) Focal Aria 926 speakers and Audioquest T5 speaker cables to replace some 20+ year old Paradigm 70P speakers and MIT Terminator4 speaker cables. While I am certainly enjoying the quality and sound of the speakers and cables, that is not the primary reason that I am writing to you. Too often today, we criticize when we receive poor customer service, but fail to acknowledge superior customer service. I do not want to do that. I just wanted you to know that I received customer service from Ben Gillan that was beyond exemplary. He showed great patience as he answered all of my questions thoroughly and never tried to pressure me to make a decision as I struggled between the Focal speakers and the Martin Logan Motion 40's, neither of which I had ever heard. While I can’t say how the ML40's sound, I can’t imagine that they could sound any better than the Focal. If all of your employees provide the level of customer service given by Ben, your company should be in business for a long time. Customer service like that is so rare in our world today."

- Darrell F 

 "I have purchased two audio products from TMR over the last couple of months and there isn't enough good I can say. The staff is responsive, knowledgeable, and very friendly. Great prices (and they'll work with you if needed), outstanding shipping and packing, and the items I've purchased have been better than described. Ben helped me with headphones (AQ NightOwls) and he was spot on for the sound I was looking for. If one is looking for excellent pre-owned audio equipment - TMR and their outstanding staff is the place to go - first and last. A "hat tip" to your company!"

- Michael W

"Well, every time I've bought a second-hand piece of electronic gear it's arrived with something broken or not quite right. Not this time. The packing was superb and what you'd expect with a new item. In fact, my wife asked me if I was sure this wasn't a new piece. All functions work perfectly - even the remote. And - it was all very clean, just the way I prepare things I sell. The transaction was very easy and the TMR communications was better than that of any company I've dealt with on the Web. I'm impressed!"

- Floyd S

"I've been on ebay and audiogon for 20 years buying and selling high end gear I had purchased for myself because I was 'upgrading.' I've sold a lot and dealt with a lot of dealers and buyers. I AM SUPER IMPRESSED WITH TMR. They were helpful, knowledgeable and responsive. Answered my questions, worked with me & followed through every step of the way.
And shipped the next day.
TMR IS TOP CLASS. They set the gold standard for quality of goods and service - which is sometimes hard to do in the ultra finicky high-end world.
Pleasure to do business"

- Tom S