Mark Levinson

Mark Levinson No. 523 Dual-Monaural Preamplifier

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Hear every nuance and intricacy of your music with the № 523. This high-end preamplifier serves as the hub of your audio system and perfectly preserves analog audio signals — so you can experience the full potential of the music you love.


№523 Feature 01

Detailed Analog Audio

The № 523 includes a high-performance Pure Phono module that’s housed in its own steel enclosure to reduce noise and deliver outstanding performance. Your favorite vinyl albums will never sound better.

№523 Feature 02

Pure Path Circuit Design

Our proprietary approach to circuit design delivers uncompromising musical purity and an engaging listening experience. By using discrete components carefully selected for their precise function, the № 523 delivers unmatched sound quality that captures the nuances of every note.

№523 Feature 03

High-Performance Headphone Output

Unleash all the performance your headphones can deliver. The № 523’s Main Drive headphone output has enough current capability to drive headphones directly, without a separate amp. Enjoy an incredibly detailed personal listening experience — and lose yourself completely in the music.

Details at Any Volume

Mark Levinson's innovative R-2R ladder volume control provides balanced and consistent cound. Discern subtle details in your music, even at a low volume. 

Premium Remote Included

Easily control the № 523 with the matching brushed aluminum remote control. 

Luxurious Design

Made with lavish materials and meticulously designed, the № 523 exudes elegance and style.

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