BAT VK-80i Integrated Tube Amplifier

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VK-80i Integrated Tube Amplifier

6C33C-B Triode Output Tubes with Fully Balanced Signal Path

Delivering 55 watts per channel, VK-80i uses four 6C33C-B triode output tubes for power delivery. They offer many times the current delivery of the 6550/KT90 tetrode tube variant used in most traditional tube integrated amplifiers. In addition to driving even difficult low-impedance speaker loads, the all-triode fully balanced design provides a natural portrayal of harmonic texture and instrumental timbre. Your recordings will sound more alive while simultaneously yielding greater finesse, grace, and inner detail.


VK-80i Glowing Reviews 

Folks, it felt like I needed to buckle up and hang on tight, as this “BAT mobile” sounded far more powerful than a comparable KT88 amp. It went through its gears without changing its sonic character. In fact, it was hard to tell when it redlined. There was no perceptible textural grain or brightness even when it was driven hard.
— Dick Olsher, The Absolute Sound

The VK-80i is a remarkably insightful listen, with an enviable talent for delicate detail and butter-smooth soundstaging. 
— Mark Craven, HiFi News

I went from being impressed by the Balanced Audio Technology VK-80i to falling in love over the course of its nearly 2-month Barn residency. With most review gear there’s a getting to know you period, which happened here but it mainly centered around a single question—what the hell took me so long to hear this?
— Michael Lavorgna, Twittering Machines

Intelligent Auto-Bias Design Makes Operation a Cinch

The advanced engineering within VK-80i eliminates the traditional headache associated with most vacuum-tube power amplifiers—specifically, the constant need to set and readjust the proper bias of the output tubes. VK-80i features an intelligent automatic-bias design that adjusts for changing line voltage and aging tubes, with each output tube having its own dedicated bias circuit. The auto-bias circuit also ensures your VK-80i sounds wonderful within the first few minutes of listening. 


VK-80i Specifications

Output per channel at 8Ω/4Ω

Frequency response
8Hz to 200kHz

Input impedance
215 kΩ

Tube complement
4x6SN7, 4x6C33C-B

Power Consumption
400W idle, 800W full power

Remote included
Yes – all metal

Signal inputs
1 XLR, 3 RCAs

Volume control
Resistive ladder, 90 steps, 1dB per step

17" W x 8" H x 16" D