Frequently Asked Questions

You are already signed up if you have a account! Any purchases made since the program launch (6/12/2023) are automatically associated with the email address you used for the transaction. When you Sell/Trade/Consign, those points are also automatically added to the account associated with the email address used for the transaction.

If you have never transacted with us, feel free to start a Music Room account now here.

50 points = $1 USD (250 points = $5 USD)

Redeem points in $25, $50, $75, $100, $200, $300, $500, or $800 increments as a coupon through the Yotpo portal. Access the portal simply by logging into your account and navigating to: Rewards Points

Tiers are based on points earned in a Rolling 12-month period

15,000 points = Gold Tier

5,000 points = Silver Tier

Just sign up (buy, sell, trade, or consign with The Music Room). = Bronze Tier

Create a account: 250 points

Buy from TMR: $1 spent = 1 point (before tax)

Trade with TMR: 1 point per $1 of Trade Credit (and you still get 1 point per $1 of difference paid, too.)

Consign with TMR: 1 point per $3 consignment payout to you.

Sell to TMR: 1 point per $5 paid to you.

Birthday Points: You get a different amount of points depending on your VIP tier every year on your birthday.

Points never expire.

Points cannot be awarded post-purchase- be sure to use the same email each time you work with The Music Room!

Returns: Rewards Points coupons will be credited back to your Rewards Points balance.

The Music Room’s VIP Rewards Points Program started 6/12/2023