Get the most money for your equipment...

When you are ready to part with your quality HiFi gear, we believe you can make the most money with the least hassle when you sell with TMR. Our program is designed to take all of the stress out of selling your equipment, so you can relax, spend your time listening to some great music, and collect your money.

With the least amount of hassle.

When you list a used item yourself through a third-party like eBay or Audiogon, you get access to that marketplace and their shoppers, but you are still the "shopkeeper" Product prep, ad content writing, photography, product questions, packaging & shipping (damage claims), post-sale tech support, feedback disputes, chargebacks, returns etc. - these remain your responsibility as the seller.  

How would you like to be relieved of ALL of those responsibilities and headaches and still get a fair amount of money in your pocket in the end? If your valued HiFi product is ready for a new home, let The Music Room show you how easy this process can be. Just box up your gear to start the process and cash your check at the end. We do the rest.

How does it work?

When you sell with TMR, you can sit back and let us do the work for you. We have successfully sold over 50k pieces of HiFi gear for thousands of customers - all with a certified pre-owned warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have over a decade of experience.

Here are the 4 simple steps:
Step 1

Contact us to get started. Simply provide your information below and we will reach out to you to learn more. When you’re ready to ship, our team of logistics experts will make this part as easy as possible. In most cases, we'll even cover the transport costs.

Step 2

TMR's "Certified Pre-Owned HiFi" process ensures that potential buyers can shop with confidence (and pay top dollar). Products are cleaned, thoroughly tested, professionally photographed and carefully packaged for safe shipping to the next lucky owner.

Step 3
(Avg 30-45 day time to sale)

Your product is featured in our store where we have more shoppers per product listing than any other home audio site in the world. We don’t just run an advertisement for your product and wait. We have a team of sales people actively guiding customers to the right products, handling negotiations and fielding trade-ins. The average time from listing to completed sale is between 30-45 days depending on the season.

Step 4

When your product ships, we pay you right away by check, ACH, PayPal, or even store credit.

You won't even have to worry about returns or subsequent warranty claims. We will handle any post-sale questions. Our customers get lifetime tech support - even on pre-owned products. You get to collect your cash and keep listening to great music.



Our consignment program is a premium service for premium products. We only accept modern, high-performance, audiophile products in good working condition.
Click here to see some of the brands accepted.

The real question our consignors ask is "how much will I save?" Because of the extra care and the guarantees offered by our CPO program, we often achieve a sale price above private-party market value. Combine that with the savings of time, hassles, and other actual monetary costs, and the service quickly proves to be a tremendous value that our customers use over and over again. The standard consignment fee is 35%. Consult with your TMR buyer representative for more info.

As a TMR consignor, you'll have access to the most effective pre-owned audio marketplace in the world at - with over one million monthly visitors and an unparalleled reputation. We do utilize some 3rd party marketplaces like Audiogon as well, but the majority of our sales are facilitated by our knowledgeable sales team who will handle negotiations as well as trade-in offers on your behalf. 

Once your item(s) arrives at our Colorado HQ, it will go through our multi-step, CPO intake process which includes cleaning, testing, professional photography, photo-editing, marketing review and editorial content generation. This process generally takes 3-5 business days at which point your product will be featured exclusively in our "Fresh Arrivals" section for 14 days before being pushed out to national advertising platforms and 3rd party marketplaces for maximum exposure.

The average time from when a used product is listed for sale to the time payment is issued currently averages 47 days. About 30% of our used products sell within the first 14 days. Of course, some products will take longer but it's rare for anything to sit on our warehouse shelves for more than a few months.

The TMR appraisal team starts by researching historical sales data from our own transaction history. With over 70,000 transactions in our history and well over 500,000 appraisals of HiFi gear, our proprietary database is the deepest in the industry. But we don't stop there! We research beyond our own data to see the most recent sales trends by comparing standard sources such as Audiogon Bluebook and eBay transaction history. We also pay for other premium research and pricing tools, so when you get a quote from TMR you can rest assured that we have landed on a fair market value that will get your product sold. We will make pricing recommendations. You decide. 

Our process isn't just about cashing out the value in your products. We are adding value to them. We do this a number of ways:

  • Pricing Expertise - It all begins with our appraisal process which leverages data and expertise earned through hundreds of thousands of audio appraisals and tens of thousands of successful sales. Your product will be reviewed regularly for optimal pricing and will undergo weekly price-drops until a sale is achieved.
  • Detailed Professional Photography - our customers have confidence because they see exactly what they're buying.
  • Sales Support - our customers can get trusted, expert advice from our sales team by email, chat or phone.
  • Marketing Support - SEO, Google Shopping, Email Marketing, Newsletter Exposure, Video Content, Product Reviews - these are just some of the tools that our marketing team may leverage to get your product in front of the right customers.
  • Trusted Reputation - our customers don't hesitate to shop with us because we've worked to earn their trust. With 100% feedback ratings everywhere we sell, our reputation speaks for itself.
  • Certified Pre-Owned Program - our customers are often willing to pay more because our used products are backed by a 14-day satisfaction-guaranteed return policy and a 45-day warranty.
  • Lifetime Support - our customers get lifetime tech support after the sale.
  • Trade-in Program - our customers have more to spend because they can expand their budget by trading in used audio gear toward their purchase.
  • Easy payment & financing options - we remove any obstacles to completing sales by providing best-in-class one-click checkout with easy payment options and up to 36 month 0% interest financing.
  • Fast & reliable global shipping - We can ship virtually any product anywhere in the world.

Yes, our sales team is very adept at the art of negotiation. We will field offers and negotiate with legitimate buyers with the goal of balancing best pricing vs. fastest sale.

In most cases, TMR will cover all costs associated with getting your product(s) to us. In cases where there are additional costs to you for custom packaging or palletizing. We'll let you know those costs in advance so that there are no surprises or hidden costs.

Don't give up hope. We have a lot of experience with this problem and can often help with custom solutions. You can contact our logistics team to start a conversation.

We can put together custom rates and solutions for special circumstances. If you need help with a large lot or estate due to major events such as death or divorce, we can help. We can direct the proceeds to the estate or designated beneficiary.

No problem. We understand that situations can change. We simply ask that you cover the minimum fee for processing ($199 for components and speakers; $50 for cables). That fee typically covers our round-trip shipping costs and some of the time invested (additional shipping charges may apply for freight / LTL). Just let us know if you've decided to keep your product for whatever reason, and we'll return it to you promptly in secure, professional packaging. The digital images of your products and any other relevant marketing assets can be transferred to you upon request.

Check, PayPal Friends & Family (no fees / taxes) or ACH. 

If you're working with a TMR sales rep already, just let them know you've got some gear you'd like to consign. They can help you get started right away. Otherwise, just fill out this simple form to kick off the process.

Absolutely. Our roster of loyal consignors includes many of the most well-known manufacturers and distributors in the industry as well brick and mortar HiFi stores across the country. We're huge proponents of supporting local HiFi shops, and a turn-key trade-in or consignment outlet is just one way that we do this. If you are a business that spends time liquidating used equipment, contact us for more information and / or custom solutions.